Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Mix of Mixes!!

As the title says, a mix of mixes. Quite simply a selection of mixes that have been aiding my work shift over the last few days. 

Starting with a little funky number here. Reggae, hip hop and some glitchy vibes by Mr. Joe Revell from way down under. There’s a smashing selection of bumping mash-ups on his soundcloud for free so check him out! 

Arguably one of the best producers/DJs ever DJ Shadow has invited Irn Mnky to produce a mini-mix spanning the whole collection of his tunes. That’s no easy feat considering the vast and incredible discography Shadow has to his name. Irn Mnky, who entered a remix contest hosted by DJ Shadow 3 years ago is really giving a history lesson here; Infusing his own style and blending seamless from the classic ‘Endtroducing.....’ to last year's ‘The Less You Know, the Better’. 

Cut Chemist best known for being the DJ in Juarassic 5 offers a mix recorded in 2011, slightly different to the hip hop, disco, latin or african mixes of recent times. He describes this mix as “A rural psych folk and rock selection”. Responding to a soundcloud comment he says “It is my goal to keep this guidance alive in my music and words. Music is not just music, it is the language of the soul, and when one speaks with soul and LOVE, one gives the most powerful of gifts” Deep.....Listen on.

Foundation Mixtape #8 is a journey of foot tapping nu-disco and electronic sounds compiled by the Supermen Lovers. You’ll remember them from the tune ‘Starlight’ released in 2001 with the weird superstar wannabe potato man and his mouse. Any mix with Daft Punk, Modeselektor, Aeroplane and Ricardo Villalobos should be pretty darned good….. it is!

Always at the forefront of the musical trends, my man Simon Verrill aka Seymour of Me drops a Movemeber mix. Nothing too heavy here as he rolls on a strictly deep house vibe this time around. Personal favourites include Waif and Strays – Eat into My Soul and the weird Jamie Jones track from 2006 Amazon.

Finally, from my current favourite record label ‘Tru Thoughts’ Robert Louis (Nirobi) drops Unfold, his weekly radio show. This show is worth catching week in week out without fail if you like bass, beats, soul, funk, hip hop and everything that’s right in the electronic music industry. This selection comes with a guest mix from Eddie Piller celebrating 25 years of Acid Jazz. Check it.

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