Friday, 30 November 2012

I'll wear your grandads clothes. Funkin Friday Freebies!!

Its Friday so we got a whole heap of free downloads ready for your party ears. Jacked up, mid tempo vibes galore!!

Kicking shit off, a huge edit of Lou Johnsons - 'The Beat' by Karim. A Czech-Lebanese chap apparently living near Barcelona . And yes, you do recognise it. De La Soul sampled the original for 'Ring Ring Ring'.

Dope Remix of '"Thrift Shop' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, spliced and diced by
Record Time MuthaFunkers from Canada. Go wear your grandads clothes and get grooving.

Another Record Time MuthaFunkers tune next that samples Ella Fitzgerald. This be ghetto, glitching swing time.

This is Nu Cumbia! Apparently Nu Cumbia mixes tropical rhythms with fast Rock guitars and wicked Andean melodies. This Burundanga Remix of Los Destellos - 'La Cumbia del Japones' is pretty darned good. Check Check.

A couple of chunky chops of swirling bass and skanky organic funk, jacking grooves and carnival jams. Warp 9 who have just started releasing on 'Swing Set Sounds' are a duo working out of Miami, really feeling them!

The Beastie Boys must be one of the most remixed artists ever. Budding producers love to sample those well known flows, most however, do make a hash of it. Not Londoner NARSTI though. His big crunk beat remix of 'Intergalactic' give the Beasties a whole new lease of life.

Awesome summer swing jives from Monetrik of Athens. 100BPM swing hopping goodness.

Some more sounds from Canada courtesy of B-MID. This ones a monster of a track; straight up ghetto funk. Try and stop yourself bouncing to this one.

The Wonder Years work on a strict diet of funky electronic hip-hop and soul to great effect. Check out this sample based banger. Stroll across to their bandcamp if you like what you hear, to grab yourself a free 6 track album.

Finishing off with a few reggae dub vibes.

The 1973 tune by Zap Pow - 'Lottery Spin' gets an overhaul by Bashboomb. Proper Skankin!

Daytoner gives the classic Marcia Griifths tune from 1968 'Feel Like Jumping' a gentle little edit. Extra breaks and some vocal extensions. Jam on!

Dub/horns version of "Hate to Love" from the new 'Echo Outernational" LP by Richie Phoe. Laid back reggae niceties.

Great reggae edit of DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' by Heds. Shy FX did the original remix, Heds abandons the DnB to great effect.

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