Thursday, 22 November 2012

Strictly Swinging!!

So Jazz is probably my favourite genre. Not entirely sure why……...I guess it’s a versatility thing. Jazz is always asking questions, revisiting and revising themes. Jazz fills the void in my body with energy, teasing me with its innovative musical poetry of patterns and leftfield improvisation. It’s foot tappingly brilliant at any tempo and squeezed into any genre. And when all those other genres die, Jazz will still be there.
I've thrown together a few tunes by artists who are mixing and sampling the vintage sound with modern bass and breaks. So without further ado, pop on your pin stripe suit or your polka dot frock and get your plugs round these swinging numbers.

Setting the mood, the fabulous Electronic Swing Orchestra offer a bloody good rework of the Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood. The band are formed by a couple of Germans, a couple of Austrians and an Irish singer. Random, but it works!

More Electronic Swing Orchestra......A redefined version of their 2011 hit Quiero Bailar Swing. Bit of a gypsy vibe going on here.

Straight up swinging grooves and scat doo wopping on this remix of The Speakeasies Swing Band - Bright Lights Late Nights by S Strong from Athens.

Frenchman Lazlo is a purveyor of some the finest fusions of organic vintage samples and smart and subtle beats. If you need a fix of classy electro swing and pepped-up ragtime jazz he's your man.

Free download on this jam in the 'Cotton Fields'.

Another tune by Lazlo here. A real laid-back track with piano grooves based on the legendary Keith Jarrett coupled with some seriously funky overtones.

Sound Nomaden Remix of the track "Get Down Tonight" by London based Vintage Acapella Band "Elle & The Pocket Belles". Nothing like the feeling that the music can bring.

Glen Millers In the Mood is probably the most well know jazz tip ever created. The Swing Bot steps up the tempo here, smashes in a houses beat and launches this little baby into the 21st Century. Glen is guaranteed to be bobbing in his grave.

Swinging house with tasty brass and pianos. A slight gypsy flavour on Bass Caravans rerub edit of Dunkelbunt's amazing swing track, Cinnamon Girl featuring the Boban i Marko Marcovic Orkestra.

Stranger Danger has been in and around the underground music scene of San Francisco for a while, moving his key focus from promoting to DJing and now production. Deep rich vocals and a jacking mambo house beat on his remix of Matt Masons - Dreaming

Bart & Baker have been at the forefront of the electro swing movement of late churning out a pleasing number of tracks and mixtapes. 'Bee Zoo' really makes me feel like i'm in the modern 1920's.

Getting a bit heavier now thanks to C@ in the H@. 88 BPM Gangsta Swing with the Big Bass Sound. 3 Tracks on this EP due for release in December. This will make you dance!

Odjbox is another of those at the forefront of the electronic infused swing movement. Mixing scatting vocals, grooving pianos and brass sounds with big baselines and a plethora of glitch. This guy cooks some real jacking swing soup. Check these two recent offerings.

Wrapping this shit up sticking with the glitchy swing vibe. An original track by Marc Remillard entitled Benny Was A Good Man. This ones a freebie for all the cool cats in town.

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